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The Importance of Carrying a Business Card

For all the conveniences of digital communication, business cards remain the smoothest way to share information in person. Nothing breaks the flow of networking quite like fumbling with smartphones and other devices to give out your details. Whether you are networking at an event or making a chance of acquaintance with a potential client or business partner, simply handing over your card will always be the easiest way to go.

Avoid Common Business Card Mistakes

Your business card is much more than just a way to share your contact information. It is often the first impression a potential customer will get of your business. Everything from the color to the font, paper type, and texture can say something about your brand’s personality, making the quality of the business card printing as important as the design itself.

Overlooking the importance of your business card design is not the only potential pitfall, however. Don’t get your new business cards printed just to leave them on your desk. Have a few on you at all times, so you are always prepared to make a new contact. And on that note, get yourself a card protector to keep your business cards in pristine condition; you don’t want to be handing over grubby, beaten-up cards as the first impression of your professionalism.

Effective Business Card Printing Tips

The design of your business cards can tell potential customers a lot about your business. We can provide a full design service to create professional custom business card designs, or you can provide your own design. If you decide to create a business card design of your own, here are some quick tips to get the best results:


Don’t put any copy within 5mm of the card edge


Maintain a minimum font size that is clearly legible


Avoid full, straight-edged borders, as they can draw attention to the slightest misalignment in your design


Focus on the key information and avoid cluttering the card with too much typography

Custom Business Card, Flyer, Brochures, Trifold Printing In Las Vegas

Looking for a business card printing company near you? GoldenMFG prints and designs high-quality, professional business cards at competitive prices. We aim to provide the best business card printing in Las Vegas, with expert printers and designers ready to equip you with a business card your leads can’t ignore. After you approve our quote and digital sample, we can produce and deliver your product within 1 week. Give us a call or let us know more about your business card and flyer printing needs in our contact form.


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